Fidjomusic is about

Music to build identities: In times of changes music can build identities. Young people make music and keep on traditions, they live their own culture and find new expressions via musical creations. Traditions get a place in modern societies. They transport their culture and cultural awareness in the whole world with music.

Music as an economical aspect: Young people without employment discover their own culture as a financial resource, their open up new horizons via music and start to earn their living with their music.

Music as a key to development: Musicians travel to other countries and take their experiences back. Widened horizons open new developments in their own countries. The influence on local music scenes is enormous; with opened minds their initiate development.



  • supports this development,
  • supports motivated musicians,
  • creates platforms, where musicians can widen their horizons,
  • organizes tours,
  • books musicians,
  • supports with management on international level,
  • promotes dialogue through music,
  • helps to open international networks for musicians,
  • promotes the presence of musicians of so called development countries on international stages.


Who is Fidjomusic

Sandra van Edig has a master in social anthropology. Since 1997 she has been working as a freelance journalist. In 2003 she started to work with musicians from Niger and Mali. Together with touareg and wodaabe musicians she founded Etran Finatawa in 2004 and became their manager. Since than she is successfully managing Etran Finatawa. As the story of this desert blues band from Niger has been so successful she decided in 2008 to share theses experiences with other musicians and to found “Fidjomusic” as a managment and promoting agency for world music artists. She is especially focusing on the aspect of culture and development.  

She has lived since 1997 in different african countries: Ethiopia, Niger, Congo RDC und Burundi.

Fidjo means „dance“ in West African Fulbe language


Nomad´s Blues from Niger - Etran Finatawa

Etran Finatawa

Among the grasslands of the Sahel and the shifting dunes of the Sahara desert, two legendary nomadic peoples, the Wodaabe and Tuareg, are joined together in the raunchy guitars and haunting voices of Etran Finatawa. As the winds of change cast uncertainty over their nomadic lifestyle, both cultures are at a crossroads.

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Sacred music - Malam Mamane Barka

Mamane Barka

As a nomad of the toubou tribe, Mamane Barka is the indisputable son of the desert and the world´s only remaining master of the biram. He maintains the tradition single-handedly, bringing the boat-shaped instrument to world´s attention with his own unique blend of desert blues.Barka is so far the only master of the Biram in Niger and all over the world.

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A journey in my inner universe - Alhousseini Anivolla

Alhousseini Anivolla

I am a touareg from Niger. I am singer and composer from the famous nomad blues band Etran Finatawa. After seven years of touring and concert work around the world with my band I decided to record a solo album.

I felt the need to return to my roots, I want to share my stories with my folks and I want to hear their stories, I want to bring something home and get newly inspired.

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Steven Sogo and the Hope Street

Steven Sogo

The most promising musician from the new born burundian music scene Steven Sogo and the Hope Street A young and very dynamic musician from Bujumbura who took the guitar in the middle of the civil war to express his wish to live and to live a normal life. His music is pure, original blues:  His songs are a cry for life, full of pain and hope at the same time, just a mirror of burundian society these days.

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Alhousseini Anivolla and ANEWAL in Warzawa

performing at PARDON TO TU on Feb 25th 2015

Etran Finatawa preparing African Pearls tour 2015

African pearls tour from April 8th-18th 2015

Steven Sogo in the US

Steven Sogo and the Nile Project

After a sucessful African tour in 2014 the project is touring the US in january and february 2015 read more:

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