Steven Sogo

Steven Sogo

The most promising musician from the new born burundian music scene: STEVEN SOGO and the Hope Street. A young and very dynamic musician from Bujumbura who took the guitar in the middle of the civil war to express his wish to live and to live a normal life. His music is pure, original blues: His songs are a cry for life, full of pain and hope at the same time, just a mirror of burundian society these days. He fusions not only modern instruments with traditional burundian instruments, but takes also traditional rhythms and tunes, rearranges and modernizes the so far little know burundian cultural heritage. One of the most promising musician in the burundian music scene that is just starting to be reborn.

STEVEN SOGO was born on the 1st of April 1983 in Kamenge, a popular area of Burundi´s capital Bujumbura. When he was 14 he started to play the guitar and to sing. Rapidly music became a passion. In 1997 he became an active member at the Kamenge Youth Center where he started to work with different bands before forming his own band "HOPE STREET" in 2005. Steven had to flee the country due to the political crisis in 2017. He is now living with his family in Texas, US pusuing his musical career. He is also part of the famous Nile Project

Steven Sogo

STEVEN SOGO sings in Kirundi, Swahili and in French

For his composition he has been inspired by daily life. "J´aime la vie!" he explained in an interview and his love for live is his motivation Peace and life after a long war struggle are important subjects in his songs.

In times of electronical and digital musique STEVEN SOGO underlines acoustic, hand made music that can be perfectly combined with african traditional music. His music is a permanent reflection of his cultural identity and heritage. STEVEN SOGO wants to be an example for the new burundian generation to be proud of their culture instead of forgetting it. 


New Album "The Pulse of Burundi"

From the booklet text:

"In the middle of social crisises all over the world I still feel the energy to live. I want to live and I want to enjoy and share my music. Music is the center of my life! I call this album "Ndaje"-that means I am coming
The name is an hommage to my 2nd daughter, who has been born in 2009 and her first words were Ndaje! I am coming . And I felt that this was the right title for my new album as well. It expresses my actual feelings:I am coming!
After my last two albums I felt a kind of artistical emptiness. I did not really know where to go what to do. And then I felt new inspiration coming and I made a decision: I decided to do music. Music is my life. So this is my dedication to music! And now I am coming, this album is full of this spirit and a lot of enery. 
You will see, I am coming to you, to your countries, to your cities, villages to sing about every daylife of every day people like me and you!

Enjoy !


First Album "Il est beau mon pays"

produced 2008 by Grandslacs productions, Bujumbura, Burundi

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Tour Dates

Tour Dates 2015

Nile Project in the US

2014 Africa Tour Dates - Steven Sogo and the Nile Project

Steven Sogo and the Nile Project
Steven Sogo and the Nile Project (click for full size)
After 2 weeks in Kampala and Jinja, we are now embarking on our first tour of East Africa. 
February 10 Kampala, Uganda - Live Concert & Q&A at International University of East Africa
February 11 Kampala, Uganda - Workshop at Kyambogo University
February 15 Zanzibar, Tanzania - Live Concert at Sauti Za Busara Festival
February 18 Nairobi, Kenya - Live Concert and Workshop at US International University
February 19 Nairobi, Kenya - Live Concert and Workshop at University of Nairobi
February 22 Nairobi, Kenya - Nile Day Forum and Festival at Kuona Art Center
February 23 Nairobi, Kenya - Live Concert at Safaricom Jazz Festival
February 25 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Live Concert at Africa Philanthropy Forum (private)
February 27 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Live Concert at Hotel Ghion
February 27 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Live Concert at Mega Amphitheater
March 5 Cairo, Egypt - Live Concert at Qasr El Nil
March 6 Cairo, Egypt - Workshop at American University in Cairo
March 7 Aswan, Egypt - Live Concert at Nubian Museum
March 8 Aswan, Egypt - Workshop at Nubian Museum
March 10 Alexandria, Egypt - Live Concert at Bibliotheca Alexandrina
March 11 Alexandria, Egypt - Workshop at Bibliotheca Alexandrina

More information can be found on our Africa Tour page.
2011 UK Summer Tour
2010 Tour Dates

6th July Tolmen Centre Falmouth Cornwall

17th July Calstock Town Hall

23th July 2010 Womad Charlton Park

24th July Womad

25th Rhythms of the World Hitchin

26th Stone Masons Festival

27th July Momo´s London


from the new Album "Ndaye", 2011

du Album "Il est beau mon pays BURUNDI" 

Il est beau mon pays BURUNDI
du Album "Il est beau mon pays BURUNDI" 2008

VOA's Carolyn Turner continues her series on the World Bank music video contest winners. Today she features Steven Sogo, Fair Play Ambassador for Burundi. 2010

at WOMAD Charlton Park 2008

Mr. Policeman
Steven Sogo is ambassador for Fair Play - Anti-Corruption Youth Voices, the global music competition organized in partnership between Jeunesses Musicales International and the World Bank Institute in 2010. Video directed by Jean Molitor


du Album "Il est beau mon pays BURUNDI", 


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Photos from Bujumbura